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Inspired by the sayings, "those with the ability to act have a responsibility to take action" and "no-one can do everything, but everyone can do something", Carl is on a mission to leave the world in a better place for future generations. Carl is the Managing Director of non-profit Okinawa Coastal Protection Alliance (OCPA) , which brings likeminded marine conservationists together under a combined voice for enacting positive change in policy by actively engaging with the fisheries industry and local government to address environmental concerns and implement more sustainable practices. 

He also founded the Okinawa Sea Turtle Conservation NPO CHURAMURA in 2020– a grassroots team of over 30 volunteers who are hands-on, passionate and dedicated, coordinating prefecture wide efforts to protect the endangered Sea Turtle nesting and feeding habitats through outreach and community engagement. Their goals include creating a marine conservation education center along with Japan's first ever Sea Turtle Rescue Center and the establishment of Japan's first Sea Turtle coastal protected Sanctuary for nesting mothers. Please follow and support their work here: www.churamura.org 

Carl has been an active member of AmCham Okinawa since 2010, Governor and Chairman of two committees, Tourism & Hospitality Committee and also the Sustainability Committee. 

Other memberships include: the Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan (ANZCCJ), Yomitan Chamber of Commerce, Yomitan Tourism Association, GreenGlobe, Japan Sea Turtle Association etc.

Welcome Message

On behalf of the people of this ancient Ryukyu Kingdom, “Haisai, Mensore!” or Hello & Welcome.


Thank you for registering for this esteemed academic event in Okinawa 2024. August is the best time of year to visit Okinawa so please make sure you have a few extra days to take in all the sights, sounds & tastes that this tropical archipelago offers. It is the diving and festival season which means the island will be full of holiday makers from all around the world, which also means you should reserve y our flights, hotels, tours and don’t forget renta-cars well in advance. A gentle reminder to practice responsible tourism and why not even look into some “voluntourism” and join a beach clean-up or other activity that gives back to the local community while enjoying some memorable experiences.


I am very much looking forward to welcoming you all in person and learning about technologies & initiatives that help the Environment & contribute to Sustainability.



Carl Bastian

NPO Okinawa Sea Turtle Conservation

Local Host 2024

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