URGENT News: Cancellation of ACCMES 2020
Under the serious impact of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), to reduce the risks of our participants, our conference committee has decided to cancel the conference this year. Thank you for your support and please stay healthy.

6th Asian Conference on Civil, Material and Environmental Sciences

Climate Change and Global Instability

The current warming trend is of particular significance, as it brings severe and disastrous consequences and is now proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over decades. Endangering the survival of the Earth’s flora and fauna, and the human race is no exception.
Climate change also increases the appearance of more violent weather phenomena, drought, fires, heat/cold waves, the death of animal and plant species, flooding from rivers and lakes, the creation of climate refugees and destruction of the food chain and economic resources, especially in developing countries. It is an issue that requires solutions that need to be coordinated at the international level to help developing countries move toward a low-carbon economy.
The 6th ACCMES focus on global research challenges and solutions in the field of Climate Change and Global instability, we welcome new research findings, ideas and suggestions from potential researchers and activists. There will be main conference tracks underpinned by sessions around these but not limited to:

ACCMES Submission Guidelines
Submission Deadline April 17th, 2020

Sustainability Development, Smart City & Green Life 2020

Join a global community of
Sustainability Development

Climate change, aging of population along with environmental pollution have brought huge and profound impacts on our lives. How we respond to these changes has become an issue that cannot be ignored by the world. 2020 WORLD TALK, hosting a series of conference focusing on Sustainable Development, Smart Cities and Green Life Conference, invites scholars from all over the world to participate in and publish your latest research with practitioners who are concerned about this topic. ACCMES is honored to host the 2020 Tokyo Climate Change and Global Instability Conference, and sincerely looks forward to your submission and participation.

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